Since I was little, I was overly sensitive and found that i knew things about other people and was over emotional and I never connected these things as being intuitive until I was in my 20s and I met my first coach with whom I spent years developing these gifts and learning how to use them to help other people.

I believe that everyone has these gifts, and that because they are not mainstream things that are taught, these are best developed with someone who understands and has been through this path themselves. 

Intuitive development work is a process where we begin to identify your intuitive gifts and develop them.

Results of intuitive development work include feeling more connected with yourself and your sense of spirit, being your own guide, and being able to help others if you so choose. And ultimately, living your life with a profound joy, as you understand that there is more to this world than you thought. It is a continual journey of process and discovery. 

Intuitive Development is a partnership between us and requires a minimum commitment of 6 months or more. You have to evolve yourself as you go through this work, which can take time and also lead to profound and wonderful life changes. (but don't make it sound like it takes a ton of time). 

It is a time commitment of once a week: we meet twice a month, and in the weeks in between we craft a roadmap of activities for you to practice the skills you're honing. This may include meditation, practicing with friends, and other.