Every life path experience is different. We create a courageous space for your higher clarity to come in the form of information. This is a collaborative journey. 

Unlike other approaches, my sessions are potent and grounded, but not woo haa. I will go into the fire with you. I will create a courageous space and be there with you through it all. It asks you to be open to new and different experiences, and to be willing to look at the things in your life that are keeping you from your path of true alignment.

It is rare that my clients don't experience profound paradigm shift in some area as a result of our work. 

This life is good for anyone who wants to gain clarity or create a shift in any area of life. Areas of life include: emotion, money, body, relationships, family dynamics, self-relationship, work, spirituality, addiction.  

May include:

  • spirit guides
  • past life
  • chakra reading
  • communication with spirit guides or higher entities