What's it like? 

"Nadia's intuition and ability to read and nurture energies are undeniable. She has a way about her that makes you feel calm and safe to explore the unknown. With Nadia's presence I was able to let go and feel weightlessness in my mind and in body. Her subtle guidance has allowed me to find truth within myself and put my worries to rest." 

- Natale, Philadelphia, PA


"It’s absolutely fascinating watching Nadia communicate with my spirit guides! She shares with me her visions and insights and offers helpful guidance as it’s transmitted to her.  I have especially appreciated the affirmations Nadia has provided me and have incorporated them into my meditation practice."

- Anonymous, Ardmore, PA


"This past year I’ve been very discouraged about my job situation. Nadia met with me to help me identify exactly what I was looking for. She encouraged me not to settle. We worked to figure out what my non-negotiables were, what I was actually looking for in a job, and what I would and would not accept. Then we came up with positive affirmations to encourage me to keep going in the right direction. She helped me organize all the thoughts in my head into something that made sense! I just accepted a job that meets all the criteria that we identified together. I feel like a weight has been lifted! Her encouragement and advice was crucial for me in a time where I was feeling a bit like a hopeless wanderer. She is a great life-coach and guide and I am truly grateful for her!"

- Aleta Rogers, Philadelphia, PA